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Institut Dentaire Mediterraneen

An environment at the cutting edge of dental technology

High-quality dental surgery thanks to an exceptional technical support centre

In our dental department, we have a modern operating theatre to do any dental surgery operations under local or loco-regional anaesthesia.

A video system allows us to film the dental surgery operations and to record them for continued educational training of our colleagues and medical teams.

The piezosurgery mectron® or ultrasonic scalpel allows us to carry out bone dental surgery that is atraumatic and safe, specifically for sinus lifts and some bone grafts.

Dental surgery by magnification and with cold light headlamps brings operating precision which provides better post operative comfort.

The use of growth factors or platelet concentrates boosts the healing of soft tissues and stimulates osseointegration of the implants.

In Spain, we use the best internationally recognised systems of dental implants. They offer a solid scientific basis, constantly innovating, and organising world conferences because they have the means, as opposed to "low-cost" implants where machining of parts is imperfect and the fragility of the companies does not guaranty long-term follow-up of parts.

We functionally, aesthetically and temporally optimise our treatments thanks to a team of dental prosthetic technicians trained with the latest techniques of aesthetic denture implants. Our laboratory has an exceptional centre of laser milling for titanium.
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Instituto Dental Mediterraneo offers you the DSD

The DSD (Digital SmileDesign, or Digital Design of the Smile) is a concept of smile aesthetics created by Dr Christian Coachman (Brazil). It is about creating the ideal smile of a patient taking into account the shape of his face and the psychological aspect of the person..

Basically, from a series of photographs taken according to a precise process and some digital impressions taken with an intra-oral scanner, the future 2D smile is designed.

These images overlap with those of the models of the 2 3D dental arches obtained by scanning.

The result is an arch of the teeth with the final smile printed on polymer. The shape, texture and color of future veneers and crowns are planned in a predictable manner before starting the treatment in the mouth, avoiding bad surprises and ensuring a result according to the patient's expectations.

Fig. 1 –12 o’clock photoFig. 2 – Profile photoFig. 3 – Photo of the measures
Fig. 4 – Digital impressions of superior maxillary
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