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Institut Dentaire Mediterraneen

Our priority: top-notch dental care for 100% satisfaction

The Mediterranean Dental Clinic offers you the best dental technology at competitive prices. We put all of our know-how at your service to provide you with high-quality dental care. Our team of recognised professionals endeavours to allow you to take advantage of that experience. Throughout your treatment, and after your return home, we accompany you. Our work includes not only the dental technology, it also covers your post-operative follow-up. You have confidence in us: and we appreciate it!

You are our ambassadors

Our best ambassadors, are, of course, you! The alliance of our dental technology, the conscientiousness of our team and our latest generation infrastructures allow you to benefit from irreproachable dental care. Together, we study your case and provide you with the right solutions. With the Mediterranean Dental Clinic, dental technology is no longer unaffordable! Tell your family and friends about us and get special rates for your future dental care.


  • The best of the best to advise everyone. Very serious and very ahead of the surgery. No language problem. Very competent staff.

  • Not cheap, but the facilities are state of the art and the staff very skilled. I travel from Scotland for treatment and was given implants and crowns. I am very pleased with the results. The zirconium implants are very lifelike.

  • A super professional and very efficient team, me and my husband are happy with the result of our treatments.

  • My return home has gone well, thanks for your wonderful reception and your professionalism: I have rediscovered the pleasure of eating and I can now smile and talk confidently.

  • Thanks to the entire team and specifically Dr Dominique Higuero who helped me to surpass my "fear of the dentist" and rediscover the smile I had when I was 20.


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